Goholint is going public

The actual emulator I wrote and which prompted that series of articles on this very blog is finally functional enough that I decided to publish it on GitHub.


A buggy, incomplete and suboptimal Game Boy emulator written in Go.

It’s a lot more advanced than the example emulator I’m documenting here, but pretty much everything I described in emulator-related posts has been used in its making.

At the time of this article, Goholint can play a few classic ROMs pretty well, although sound emulation is still subpar.

However, I once told close friends I’d make the repo public if the emulator worked well enough to run Link’s Awakening long enough to grab the sword… and by now I’ve managed to play through a sizeable portion of the game!

(The disclaimer is still accurate: Goholint is a great exercise at best, and hopefully it can be a source of inspiration, but if you’re looking for playability, there are many real emulators out there!)